Our installation service

We make a grid-connected system easy!

If you're reading this, you've probably decided that it would be good to have a grid-connected PV system installed on your house. But you still have questions. Is my building really suitable? What options are there? What kind of costs are involved?

Well, don't worry, because we make it all very simple! Please note that we are no longer installing systems ourselves, though we are more than happy to help you.


... Just email us or just give us a bell for a chat. We can quickly give you some basic advice: how practical it is likely to be in your case; what the financial outlay is likely to be and also what the returns are likely to be. We just need a few details about your house.


... we'll be happy to help you find a grid-connect adviser to come to your house and get the measurements necessary to give you a free, no obligation quote and answer any questions you might still have.


... if you do decide to take it further, your installation company will book in a date to install the system! The main components of the system (the panels and the inverter)have a five to ten year guarantee dependent on what options you choose, and a five year no-quibble guarantee on the workmanship, so you can rest assured that in the unlikely event of any problems they will soon be resolved. But don't worry, all the component parts have a significantly longer warranty on them!

The installation is likely to take a day or two. The installers will need to do some roofing work to ensure the panel mounting frames are securely attached to your roof in a weatherproof manner. There will then be some electrical work in bringing the cables from the solar panels to the inverter, and from the inverter to the mains distribution board in your house.

Once it is installed - that's it! The system will immediately start generating power as soon as the sun is out. Payments to you under the scheme are handled by your electricity supply company - so future electricity bills should be accompanied by a cheque!