Solar panels

We have a range of different solar panels to suit any roof or budget. When you are given your free quote, one of our lovely grid-connect advisers will put together options which best suit your requirements.

We highly recommend all of the panels we stock. When choosing a solar panel, the main factors to consider are budget, available roof space, technical specifications and aesthetics. If you have a small roof area, you might wish to go for a more efficient panel to maximise your generation. On the other hand, if you have a large roof - whether this be a bungalow, or an industrial unit - you might want to go for a cheaper, less efficient panel. A 4kW system will generate the same amount of power regardless of the efficiency of the panels used - just the amount of space taken up by the panels will vary.

In 99% of cases the best option is a conventional framed solar panel, however, we can also provide building integrated solar PV - these can be great options in new builds and projects where the visual integrity of the building is of utmost importance. Black framed panels can often look very sleek - especially on dark coloured roofs.

It is important to choose a panel that make efficient use of the space available. Most solar panels comprise 60 150mm cells (usually 230-250W, with dimensions of 165cm x 99cm), or 72 125mm cells (190W-200W, with dimensions of 158cm x 81xm) and generally have enough flexibility to make good use of the roof area available. However, sometimes it is worth considering panels with different dimensions to ensure that the roof area is used efficiently.

For a technical overview of the different types of solar panels available see our FAQ pages, or for more information on the specific brands we use, please see our product pages below.


Sanyo (recently re branded as Panasonic) panels have the highest efficiency of any commercially available panel on the market at the moment - meaning you can pack a more powerful array into a smaller space. They achieve this by using hybrid cells, with thin layers of amorphous silicon deposited on a conventional monocrystalline wafer. The monocrystalline and amorphous layers produce power from different wavelengths of light, so the cells can use more of the available spectrum than conventional cells.

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Solvis PV

Solvis are one of our best-looking panels - and are extremely good value for a panel produced by a reputable European manufacturer. The 250W and 200W versions use very efficient monocrystalline cells, and the black backing and slim black frame make for a very discreet appearance, particularly on dark-coloured roofs.

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EGing Monocrystalline modules carry a 10 year manufacturer's warranty and a 25 year output guarantee, as well as MCS and TUV certification. The lightweight 195W modules, with their unbeatable pricetag, are perfect for commercial and domestic installations alike

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Sunrise Solar

Sunrise Solar, a Chinese solar panel and solar cell manufacturer have a strong international distribution network, and their monocrystalline panels are both MCS and TUV certified, carry 12-year manufacturer's warranty and 25 year performance warranty. We stock a wide range of Sunrise panels.

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Romag Powerglaz

5016d3de6bf34-roofintphotosystems jpgThe Powerglaz range of modules are built by UK company Romag in County Durham. Romag also make glass laminates for solar glazing; car-charging canopies, bespoke panels, solar tiles and building-integrated products.

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 Solar Slates

Solar slates are the product of choice for customers who consider the aesthetic and heritage of their property of utmost importance, but would also like to produce green energy.  Solar Slate blends in seamlessly to a slate roof and produces electricity to allow you to cover your property‚Äôs energy usage and claim the feed in tariff from the government.