Mounting Systems

Pitched Roofs

different roof types 2A good quality mounting system is important - and, having tried several, we've settled on Gracesolar as it is very robust and made out of high quality materials. The roof hooks are 304 grade stainless steel, and the mounting rails are anodised aluminium alloy (AL6005-T5).

For clay, concrete and slate tiles we remove a course of tiles, fasten the purpose-made roof hooks directly to the rafters, and replace the covering tiles so that the weathertightness of the roof is maintained.

With some mounting systems installers will drill directly through the tile or slate covering, and rely on a rubber washer or sealant to prevent water ingress. This will usually work for a number of years - but when the seal eventually breaks down, you are likely to end up with a leaky roof. Although it is slightly more work for us to use roof hooks, we much prefer to ensure that the roof will remain weathertight for the lifespan of the system.

We also stock a number of roof hooks for other roof types, such as sheet metal or corrugated fibre cement – these are more common on industrial buildings.

We then attach aluminium mounting rails to the roof hooks. The solar panels are clamped to the rails using purpose-made clamps.

Flat Roof Systems


Solion Sunmounts are a great easy-to-install solution for flat roofed buildings, or for putting panels on garages and extensions.

These mounts hold the panels in landscape at 10 degrees. They were created to solve the problems associated with PV installation on flat roofs and have many advantages, including:

  • No roof penetration - eliminating possible leaks

  • Lightweight - eliminating structural changes to most roofs

  • Quick to install

  • The only product in the UK certified to withstand a wind speed of 112 mile per hour

  • Interlocking - ensures the complete solar array is one assembled 'block'

  • Aesthetics- flush modules in the mount give an integrated appearance

  • Easy to disassemble so repairs and roof maintenance can be carried out

  • 10 degree sloped angle for higher power output and cleaner array.

  • designed to encourage air circulation and module cooling.

The Solion mounts are made from tough plastic which is durable, guaranteed for 20 years and UV stable. The mounts have the additional benefits that they protect the roof surface and increase the R-Value (insulation) of the roof.

Ground Mount Systems

ground mounted array 1These steel frames can be used to mount solar PV modules to create a free standing solar array.

The steel frame is hot dip galvanised to provide long term corrosion protection.

Key Features

  • Long lasting hot galvanised steel

  • Built to withstand wind speeds up to 60m/s

  • Will support snow loads up to 1.4kn/m2

  • Ten year manufacturer's warranty

These frames are designed to take two rows of panels in portrait.

GSE roof integrated mounts

If you're putting a new roof on your house, then a roof integrated solution is a great idea for a sleek look.

We have looked at quite a few roof integrated systems and are impressed with how simple and cost effective the GSE system is.



commercial-roof-integrated-solar-mountingWe can supply all ranges of Mecosun mounting systems for domestic and commercial properties.