We have a range of different inverters to meet the requirements for different sized arrays. When you are given your free quote, one of our lovely grid-connect advisors will put together options which best suit your requirements. For more information on the specific brands we use, please see our products below.

Eltek Valere

Eltek Valere have many years of experience in the DC power conversion market, and the experience really shows: Eltek inverters are some of the highest-efficiency inverters on the market today. Add to that features such as an integrated webserver (on the HE-t series) that come as standard with Eltek and are expensive add-ons with other manufacturers, and extremely high levels of customer service. You'll never regret choosing an Eltek inverter over another make.

We sell the full range of Eltek inverters. The 'S' range of string inverters have an impressive efficiency rating themselves - but the remarkable high frequency HE-t range and the transformerless TL range improve on these, and give significant performance advantages compared to many of their competitors.

For large systems, Eltek's central inverters are a great choice, outperforming all their competitors. When you add in support from Eltek's dedicated UK team of engineers, you will have a system that works harder and longer for you, and maximises your returns.

The HE-t range have an integrated webserver, allowing the performance of the unit to be viewed remotely from anywhere in the world. This is a feature that is an expensive optional extra on competitors models. The S-string range comes with an optional USB interface that connects your PC to your inverter. Allowing you full statistical analysis of the output and performance of the inverter. Data can be saved to the PC, viewed in graphical form using the user-friendly software or exported to a file (xls, txt or xml) for further analysis.


Growatt inverters have been popular in the Australian market for quite a while - and are now available here at a great price! Very reliable, and excellent value.

Growatt have a range of different sized inverters, from the small 1000TL which works with as few as 3 panels - ideal on a small roof. To the larger 4000TL and 3600MTL for 4kW systems. We've also used Growatts on a number of 10kW system as they have G59 compliance.

Ever Solar

eversolar-tl1500as These transformerless grid-tie inverters from Eversolar are great quality imported inverters with impressive efficiency ratings. Available in a full range of specifications to cater for different sizes of photovoltaic arrays. From the quite TL1500WAS/TL2000AS inverters - which are fanless and therefore exceptionally quiet to the twin tracker Evershine TL4000. The Dual MPP trackers allow more energy harvesting, and are especially useful for rooftop installations with two different orientations or with partial shading.

The Solar-Eye is a PV system monitoring device, that can be retrofitted onto any Eversolar Inverter and is capable of monitoring up to 5 inverters simultaneously. Data can be transferred through a wireless network and stored on a Micro SD card.

The large LCD display will clearly display relevant data such as power generated, export value and carbon saving. With the multiple display function you can view data in different forms such as graph or bar chart.


The inverter is the most complex component of a grid-connect solar power system, and its power electronics are made to work exceptionally hard in switching the DC power 50 times a second for years on end, quietly and reliably!

So it's worth choosing your inverter carefully. Dutch firm Mastervolt have long been a byword in the marine power system industry for quality and performance, and they have now transferred their expertise in power electronics to the grid-tie inverter market.

We normally specify Mastervolt inverters on large commercial systems as the CS range of inverters are ieally suited to 3-phase systems ranging from 10kW upwards.

The Soladin mini-inverter is fantastic for smaller arrays (up to 700 Wp), and for sites where a number of discrete strings are of benefit due to shading issues for example. It must be noted that these are not the quietest inverters available - usually no problem in a loft but not ideal for installation in a living space.

All the inverters we sell are G83 or G59 rated, and can be used for MCS-accredited systems qualifying for feed-in tariffs.

The Sunwatch 25 from Mastervolt is designed to wirelessly monitor the output of PV systems. Display options include the current output in Watts, the total output in kWh and the resultant CO2 savings in kg.

Enecsys micro inverter

A micro inverter is a single compact unit that converts the DC power from a solar
module to AC power for supply to the electricity grid without the need for a string or central inverter. Enecsys micro inverters are installed at the back of each solar panel. The benfit of this is that each panel is equipped with Maximum Power Point
Tracking (MPPT) and performance monitoring. When panels are wired together and connected in together in series to a central inverter, the effect of shading over one panel will effect the energy ouput of the whole array. With individual micro inverters, this problem is removed, ensuring the maximum amount of energy is harvested from each panel.

These inverters also come with the Enecsys Gateway, a comprehensive web-based monitoring and a communications system that analyzes and reports the performance of each solar module within the PV array to enable system performance optimization.

  • Highly efficient - With MPPT in each inverter, you get maximum energy output from each panel.
  • Web monitoring - So you can monitor the effectiveness of each individual panel.

Tigo Voltage Optimisers

Tigo voltage optimisers are DC-DC converters developed to maximise the power output of a solar panel - especially useful where panels will be subject to different light conditions, either through shading or multiple orientations. Each panel is connected to a DC-DC optimiser with maximum power point tracking and monitoring - much like micro-inverters. The optimisers output DC power which is then fed into a central DC-AC inverter to feed power to the mains.

Using voltage optimisers ensures that each panel performs at its best.

These are not to be confused with voltage optimisers that change the voltage of the mains supply into the house!