Immersion Controller

Key features

SolarCache is a device that measures the power being exported from the house, and diverts it into your immersion heater. Effectively it gives you free hot water from your array during the day when the sun is shining. In practice a SolarCache can give you most of the hot water you need in the summer months, and a significant proportion during the winter. The SolarCache can be installed during your installation or retro fitted at a latter date.

  • Uses the excess power generated by solar PV heat hot water - saving money!

  • Automatically adjusts for changes in sunlight and power consumption

  • Monitors energy generated, saved and consumed

  • One hour auto boost function - allows you to manually top up the temperature of your hot water tank

  • Auto night boost option for economy seven use

How it works

The SolarCache measures the amount of power being generated by your solar panels, and the amount of power that you are importing or exporting from the grid. When you are exporting electricity, the SolarCache will divert any excess to the immersion heater – giving the net flow in and out of the house as zero (in practice you will end up exporting a small amount when the SolarCache is in operation). The SolarCache automatically adjusts as the consumption in the house and the power generated by the panels fluctuates – keeping the net flow zero. If there is not enough power available from the sun, the SolarCache will turn off.

Models available

There are currently three models available. Details on each can be found below:

SolarCache+Mono displays the power flowing through your electricity meter on its bright colour screen, showing you how much electricity you are buying (in red) or exporting (in green). It even tells you how much has been saved in your hot-water tank today. Its three-position slider switch lets you turn the heat on continuously or for just one hour, or turn it off altogether.

With SolarCache+Duo Plus you can also see how much power is being generated by your solar panels right now and how much electricity you have generated in total today. You can set up to three boost periods, according to your own requirements, to take best advantage of cheap rate tariff options.

SolarCache+Wi-Link is exceptionally versatile. It provides for up to two independently-controlled heaters, one connected by wires as with the other models, and one connected by a radio link. The radio link will also connect with a Wattson system, so you can monitor your energy use anywhere in the house, or even anywhere in the world via the Wattson anywhere web interface.

Further details

The SolarCache is designed and manufactured in the UK and comes with a 3 year warranty. More details on the product can be found on the manufactures WEBSITE.

More infomation on how to save money on your bills can be found on our FAQ page HERE.