Energy monitors

With your installation you will receive a free energy monitor so you can keep an eye on the output of your new solar array. We provide the Eco-Eye monitor free of charge but if you prefer, you can upgrade to the GEO Solo monitor for an additional cost. Both Eco-Eye and GEO have also recently brought out new models, that allow you to see not just how much power you are generating, but also how much you are using in house, and how much you are importing/exporting from the grid.

Most inverters come with their own monitoring too - take a look at the different brands of inverters for more information.

Owl Micro

owl-monitorA stylish and simple to use wireless electricity monitor. The Owl micro + is battery powered to sit comfortably anywhere in the home, helping you monitor the electricity producted by your solar panels.

  • Portable and easy to read display

  • Simple to install - clips onto the electricity cable in seconds

  • Shows energy production or use in KW or GB pounds

  • Automatically calculates your CO2 savings or emissions

  • Memory function stores your readings

The wireless range is 30m in an open area (walls, partitions, metal structures and electrical appliances may effect reception range).

Owl Intuition PV


The Owl Intuition PV kit provides real-time access to electricity consumption and solar generation data though a web browser, smart-phone or tablet.

Great for giving you the full picture on the electricity usage of your home!


GEO Solo and Solo II wireless PV monitor with data logging

Green Energy Options (GEO) are a local company based in Hardwick. The Solo PV's eye-catching 'speedometer' style display clearly shows the output of your array, displayed either as Watts, money earned under FITS, or CO2 saved. All data is logged to an SD card, and can be uploaded to a website so you can view your solar array's production over time.

The Solo can be used with ANY inverter, as it uses an LED sensor to read the pulsed output from a kWh meter. Most kWh meters come with a pulsed output, including the Elster A100C and Landis & Gyr meters that we provide. GEO have recently brought out the Solo II which is web enabled - allowing you to view your generation on your computer or smart phone!

GEO Chorus

The Chorus PV is a full colour, backlit, touch screen display that:
  • shows the generation and consumption of electricity in relation to each other in one display
  • shows importing and exporting of energy
  • USB cable to connect to the PC/laptop and upload PV data to a web service
  • alerts the consumer of panel failure
  • quickly analyse where earnings are coming from – Feed in Tariff, Deeming and Saving
  • tracks the generation against the usage to try to match the two – save more by using it rather than exporting to the grid
  • tracks your electricity consumption against a target
  • web platform gives overview of generation and consumption from day one
  • future release will include automatic appliance control using Smart Plugs