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Solar panels

We stock a range of solar panels of different sizes, colours and technical specifications to provide the right solution for your roof.

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Different arrays require different kinds of inverters to optimise the benefits that you get from them. We stock a wide range of inverters, and have the knowledge to choose the right inverter for the job.

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Energy monitors

Energy monitors tell you how much energy your arrays produces, at what time, and much more besides.

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Immersion Controllers

solar-immersion-controllerThe SolarCache is an intelligent device that uses excess power generated by solar PV panels to heat hot water in an immersion tank.

The display also shows how much energy has been generated, how much has been saved and how much has been consumed.

After examining the range of these devices, we chose SolarCache because it is a well thought out product that is more sophisticated than some of the immersion controllers on the market. It has been designed by an PV installer in partnership with a university professor.

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PV Mounting System

The panels need to be securely fixed to whatever they are installed on - otherwise they might blow away!

We supply a range of mounting systems from traditional above roof mounts to ground mounted systems.

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