How can I make savings on my electricity bill?

If you have solar PV installed, you will be able to run appliances using your own free, green electricity. Put your washing machine and dishwasher on during the day when you are out at work, or if you have an electric lawn mower – mow the lawn when the sun is out.

If you have a hot water tank with an immersion heater, you could heat your hot water using your free electricity too. Although it would be rather tedious to keep turning the heater on when ever the sun comes out - and you might find that you would end up importing some electricity from the grid as most immersion heaters are 2 or 3kW when on – which could well be more than you generate.

Solar Cache has been developed to automatically divert any excess electricity that you generate to heat your water. A 4kW system should give you enough hot water during the summer months that you can turn off your boiler. Depending on the size of your tank, it would usually require about 7.5kWh of electricity to heat the tank. On an average day in the height of summer, you could expect to generate around 16kWh of electricity - and if you are out at work during the day, most of this will be exported to the grid. If you heated your water from an immersion heater during the day, paying 13p per unit, this could save you nearly £1 a day in the summer. However, in practice you would most likely be using gas the heat your water – so you might make a saving of 30p per day on your gas bill. The savings will be a lot smaller in the winter months, but the panels would pre heat the water so less gas is needed to bring the water up to temperature. If you use a lot of hot water this product could be for you.