Pan tile roof

This 3kW solar PV installation, of Barton Road in Cambridge, used 12 250W Sunrise solar panels with black frames and backing to give a sleek look. The panels were connected to a Power One PVI 3.0 inverter with dual MPPT to minimise the effect of shading caused by a neighbouring birch tree.


im1On a pan tile roof, a roof hook is screwed directly into a rafter beneath the tiles. The tile is then placed back above the roof hook to make the roof weathertight. Mounting rail is then attached to the roof hooks.




im2The solar panels are connected to each other in series, using MC4 connectors from one panel to the next. Excess cable can be tied up to the mounting rail that the panels are clamped to.




im3Once the roof hooks and mounting rail is all in place, putting the panels on doesn't take very long at all. The panels are attached to the mounting rail using purpose made clamps.