Micro-inverter installation

For this PV installation in Fulbourn, Cambridge, we used 20 Sunrise 195W black framed solar panels, connected to 20 Enecsys SMI-200-72 micro inverters.

 fulbourn ii

As you can see from the photo, there is a large chimney in the middle of the roof. The chimney will cast a shadow over some portion of the panels for most of the day – causing severe losses in energy generation. More details on the effect of shading can be found HERE.

For this reason we recommended that the customer used micro-inverters from the Cambridge based Enecsys. A micro inverters is connected to each panel  ensuring that each panel works at its optimum even when others are shaded.

The micro-inverters are placed above the roof, directly underneath the panels. This is to ensure that there is minimal voltage drop on the DC cable run. The inverters are then connected up in parallel and an AC cable is fed to the consumer unit to provide power to the house. Micro-inverters (or voltage optimisers – a DC-DC converter on each panel, connected to a conventional inverter) are definitely worth considering if your roof suffers from shading.

The Enecsys system also has an online energy monitoring system – allowing the generation of each inverter to be monitored.

enecsys monitoring

enecsys monitoring ii