Concrete tile roof

We provide the right solution for different types of roof. Here is an example of a solar PV installation with concrete pantiles. This installation in Trumpington consists of 11 x 190W Eging solar panels, giving a total system size of 2.09kW.

concrete roofFor a roof with concrete tiles we take off a tile and attach a stainless steel roof hook directly onto the rafter using 2 x 80mm tek screws. We then replace the tile above the roof hook. Depending on how the tile sits on the roof hook we may grind a small area out of the tile to ensure that the tile sits flush and remains watertight.




We attach mounting rail to a series of roof hooks to create the mounting frame.


The solar panels are attached to the mounting rail using purpose made clamps. In this example, the solar panels are positioned around existing Velux windows to make best use of available space, using silver-framed panels and mounting kit.

We estimate that this system shall generate 1460kWh of energy per year.

11 panel solar array