At Midsummer we are used to doing a wide variety of types of solar PV installations, from your typical suburban house, to boats, remote farmhouses and even a large-scale installation on a primary school. Just click on the links below to see more details of our work.

Pan Tile Roof


This 3kW Solar PV installation in Cambridge consists of 12 x 250W Sunrise solar panels.



Ridgefield Primary School


This large solar PV array, on a primary school in Cambridge, consists of two-hundred and twenty panels. In fact, this is only our second-largest - our largest was a commercial installation of two-hundred and twenty-one panels!


Ground Mounted Array

img 5639

This solar PV installation, in a paddock half way between Newmarket and Cambridge, proved a good solution for a client who wanted a large array but had limited available roof space.


Fen End Farm

fen end farmThis solar PV installation, on the roof of a barn in Cottenham, provides more than enough electricity for this organic farm.


St Paul's Church


For this solar PV installation, on a church in Cambridge, we used fifty one black Sunrise 195W solar panels. These panels were then configured into three strings going into one inverter, the Eltek TL13000.

Commercial Installation

iansystAt nearly 50kW, this is our largest solar PV installation. It was completed on commercial premises in Cambridge.

Roof Integrated System

roof integrated solar panels

This roof integrated solar PV system blends in well with the natural slate roof on this new build property in Coton, Cambridgeshire.


Enecsys Micro Inverter System

fulbourn ii

This PV installation used micro-inverters to limit the effect of shading.


Concrete Tile Roof

concrete roofThis Solar PV installation in Trumpington consists of 11 x 190W Eging solar panels, giving a total system size of 2.09kW.

Flat Roof Installation


This Solar PV installation on a flat roof in London consisists 22 Renesola 250W solar panels.


Other Examples

whitehouse 02

 We have completed many more installations throughout Cambridgeshire, feel free to take a look at some of our work!