About us

Midsummer Energy was started in 2005 by Dr Andrew Rankin. Previously working as a climate scientist for BAS, he dreamed of saving the world...one solar panel at a time!

In the beginning...

The initial business was predominantly providing off grid equipment such as solar panels for narrow boats and caravans, in fact if you just walk along the River Cam you will see a full range of our products!

In 2010 the government introduced the 'Feed-in-tariff', a subsidy for anyone who had solar panels installed on their property, for feeding their surplus energy into the grid. Already an expert in the solar business, Midsummer Energy became accredited MCS installers and started installing solar panels. Since then there have been several changes to the subsidies. After the 2016 drop in subsidies, Midsummer stopped installing new systems on people's homes. We continue to support our existing customers. We also sell off grid systems and wholesale solar equipment. We therefore have good relationships with other installers in Cambridge and are happy to help with new enquiries.


One thing we pride ourselves on at Midsummer is, that unlike some solar installers, we have been working in the solar industry for many years now and we have the knowledge to help you find the best solution for your property. Please contact us.

Ethics too!...

madeleine picture smallLike our founder, all of us who work at Midsummer care about sustainability and what impact we have on the environment.

In the Midsummer warehouse and office we reuse any materials that come in that we can, from building shelves out of pallets or repackaging products. Anything left we recycle.

And when one of our team come to give you a quote, whenever possible we will always cycle to your appointment.

If you would like to know more about us or you have any questions, please feel free to call for a chat!

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